Blast from the past: 30 TV theme songs

Here’s a list of 30 TV shows I watched growing up and their memorable opening credits and theme songs.

I’m amazed how many of these brought instant recall, residing somewhere deep inside the memory bank.

How many of these do you remember?

The quickcuts and synching were way ahead of its time.

1. Hawaii Five-0
2. Mission Impossible
3. The Professionals
4. Little House on the Prairie
5. The Waltons
6. Baretta
7. The Six Million Dollar Man
8. Fantasy Island
9. Dallas
10. Happy Days
11. S.W.A.T
12.The Streets of San Francisco
13. The High Chaparral
14. Bonanza
15. CHiPs
16. Hart to Hart
17. Cheers
18. Greatest American Hero
19. L.A. Law
20. The Equalizer
21. The Incredible Hulk

Celebrates its 50th anniversary today

22. Twilight Zone
23. WKRP in Cincinnati
24. All in the Family
25. Mork and Mindy
26. How the West Was Won
27. The Cosby Show
28. Home Improvement
29. The Brady Bunch
30. Gomer Pyle

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