Ten Tsunami Stories

Wake up world. We are in need of aid, desperate aid, help us.

Ten Tsunami Stories

1. “There will be time for crying, but that will come later…”

2. “Millions of people on Indian Ocean shores are scrambling for food and clean water…”

3. “Bus driver loses five in family, buries dead…”

4. “I had his hands in mine. But the second wave flung me some distance away. I didn’t see him thereafter. The sea took my son away…”

5. “All are gone, why should I live…”

6. “They were having a wonderful holiday. David had proposed to Sharon earlier that day…”

7. “The only signs of life were a few desperate people scavenging a beach for food…”

8. “Bodies still entombed on death train…”

9. “What will I do now? Whom should I live for?”

10. “All he could do was watch the terrified face of his son as the boy disappeared…”

Disaster relief.

Act now!

Missing Tsunami Victims

Thousands are still missing after the Boxing Day quake and tsunamis clobbered beaches across Asia and Africa.

Here are some useful links:

Missing Malaysians in Phuket
BBC websites:
Asia quake-Missing persons-Thailand
Asia quake-Missing persons-Sri Lanka
Asia quake-Missing persons-India
Asia quake-Missing persons-Indonesia
Asia quake-Missing persons-Maldives
More links of the missing

More information at:

A Swedish boy was found alive and sent to Phuket International Hospital. His photo was posted on the hospital website and spotted by his uncle from the Internet. His father and grandfather who were recuperating in another hospital were reunited with him. His mother and grandmother are still missing.

A 10-year-old German girl also survived but her parents were missing. I did a Google search and found her father’s name of net.

Here is reply from the law firm he worked in Frankfurt.

— “Niehues, Henrik” wrote:

> From: “Niehues, Henrik”
> To: ‘Julian Matthews’
> Subject: AW: Calling Norbert Michl : Your child has been found
> Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 09:59:38 +0100
> Dear Julian,
> Mr. Michl is one of the partners of our law firm.
> Since Sunday we know that his daughter Sophia is in
> the Phuket International Hospital. She will be
> taken to Germany by plane as of today.
> Unfortunately, their parents, Mrs. Edeltraud Alsdorf-Michl
> and Mr. Norbert Michl are still missing. We all hope
> the best.
> Thank you very much for your support and kind assistance.
> Best regards
> Henrik
> Dr. Henrik Niehues
> —–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—–
> Von: Julian Matthews
> Gesendet: Dienstag, 28. Dezember 2004 16:39
> An: frankfurt@hbml.de
> Betreff: Calling Norbert Michl : Your child has been found
> Dear Sir
> I noticed you have a Mr Norbert Michl listed on your
> website.
> A German girl has been found alive after the tsunami
> disaster in Phuket and is currently in hospital.
> She says her father is Norbert Michl. If you are
> same
> person go to this website and contact hospital. Her
> mother is Mrs.Edeltraud Michl
> http://www.phuket-inter-hospital.co.th/boy.htm
> or here: http://www.phuket-inter-hospital.co.th/
> Concerned person,
> Julian

POST: Chris Pirillo has linked to us. It was also linked by Will of MSNBC.

Phuket Tsunami Photo Sequence

This man was later pulled out of the rushing waters according to the photographer. Thank god.

Phuket Tsunami Photo Gallery by hellmut issels at pbase.com

Amazing videos posted by amateurs

We pray for all the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Dropout designs chips for retro PC lovers

A 30-year-old high school dropout and self-taught computer chip designer has squeezed the entire circuitry of a two-decade-old Commodore 64 home computer onto a single chip, which she has tucked neatly into a joystick that connects by a cable to a TV set and plays 30 games from the early 80s.

Drum roll please for Ms Jeri Ellsworth

Fastap: Coming to phones everywhere soon.

John Yunker asks: Will Fastap Replace Qwerty?. The fact is most phones don’t have qwerty on them. What they have are sets of three or four letters per numeral whatever that arrangement is called.

But his suggestion that Fastap will be ubiquitous makes sense. Now why didn’t anyone think of this earlier?

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