Web 2.0 or Bubble 2.0?

The evaluations are starting go crazy. Blame Rupert Murdoch for paying US$580 million for Myspace.com back in July 2005. Or blame Google investors for blowing that stock through the roof.

Now, Facebook is being touted for a US$1 billion.

So, got some spare change and want to check out what’s hot?

View SEOmoz Web 2.0 awards or the map just go make up your own

Russell Beattie sums it nicely.

So you want to take on journalists, now? Here we come…

CBS News’ Lara Logan, her voice cracking, tells it like it is on CNN.

Come on, now they want to take on journalists in Iraq for reporting ‘negative stories’?

“When journalists are free to move around this country, then they will be free to report on everything that is going on. As long as you are a prisoner of the terrible security situation here, then that is going to be reflected in your coverage… their own figures show that the reconstruction project was supposed to create 1.5 million Iraqi jobs. To date 77,000 Iraqi government jobs have been created. That should give you an indication of how far they are in terms of reconstruction.”

Google Office anyone?

Hmmm Google buys Writely, a web-based word processor. One wonders what next. Others speculate an Office Suite.

wikiCalc or Numsum for Excel?

Thumbstacks for Powerpoint?

Why not just buy Thinkfree or make OpenOffice, OpenOffice Live?

BlackBerry case settled…finally

BlackBerry users can heave a collective sigh of relief. The case has finally been settled after prodding from Judge James R. Spencer who expressed impatience with RIM.

“He basically questioned the sanity of RIM, and said it wasn’t acting very rationally,” said Rod Thompson, patent attorney at Farella, Braun and Martel in San Francisco…


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