David Weinberger and everything is miscellaneous

JP Rangaswami has reviewed David Weinberger’s latest, Everything is Miscellaneous.

His fave quote from the book: It’s not what you know, and it’s not even who you know. It’s how much knowledge you give away. Hoarding knowledge diminishes your power.

It’s like 1999 all over again

Roop is making a play for Photobucket for US$250 million via his new MySpace money-making vehicle.

He’s also offered Dow Jones a cool US$5 billion.

Thomson is plunking down US$17.6 billion for Reuters.

What in the world is going on?

According to this article it’s looking like dotcom heydays all over again.

According to Dealogic, the financial consultancy, M&A activity since the start of 2007 has outpaced the same period in 2006 by nearly two-thirds. March this year was the busiest month in history – right up until April got started. The previous top for M&A spending was the DotCom Bubble of 1999-2000. But now that feels more like false memory syndrome than a warning from history.

“The [global] boom in transactions is being driven by a combination of cheap debt to finance acquisitions, a benign antitrust environment, particularly in the US , and globalisation, which is forcing companies to reassess their competitiveness and their mix of businesses,” says the FT.

Can it get any crazier than this?

Football writer hopes to franchise solo model

The Online Press Gazette reports on the success story of solo football writer Rick Waghorn.

Waghorn took redundancy after 14 years with the Archant-owned Norwich Evening News in April, 2006.

He continued to cover Norwich City FC after launching RickWaghorn.co.uk with a senior Archant ad exec, Kevin O’Gorman.

The two-man operation achieved £3,000 a month in revenues this year, primarily through advertising from local businesses.

Waghorn claims that the combined effect of ever-earlier print deadlines on evening newspapers and his use of mobile phone alerts has allowed him to compete effectively with his former employers.

He now plans to rebrand the site as MyFootballWriter.com/Norwich and franchise it to other like-minded football writers.

“There are about 40 or 50 regional newspaper football writers who have covered clubs for years and have strong personal brands,” he said.

“If you go through all the provincial clubs in the country, they’ve all got one of me at their local morning or evening paper.”


Getty Images’ Photo Play

Getty Images is on huge acquisition drive picking stock video/photo services PunchStock, MediaVast, owner ofWireImage, iStockphoto and Scoopt.

Getty says the deal will enable it to develop services including podcasts, editorial video, multimedia and mobile.

Getty Images vice president for editorial sales, Lee Martin said: “The acquisition takes us forward in terms of celebrity footage and multimedia products so we will be doing audio where photographers will talk over an event and it will be packaged.”

Martin said a typical example of multimedia demand was national newspaper groups, who looked to Getty to supply more than just still imagery.

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