Sobhraj now using Internet to escape

Posted on November 4, 2004 
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This news item bears repeating:

Charles Sobhraj’s plan to escape from jail foiled

Press Trust of India

“Kathmandu, November 3: Notorious serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who is serving life sentence in a Kathmandu jail, has made an attempt to escape, but police on Wednesday claimed to have foiled it by unearthing an e-mail sent from his laptop asking a friend to help drug prison guards.

“Authorities seized a laptop, a mobile phone and a cordless phone from the prison cell of Sobhraj, known as “The Serpent”, and discovered the mail asking for some specific chemicals to drug the prison guards, spokesman of the Nepal police Ramesh Singh said.

“The criminal, known for his talent for disguise and escape, has given a list of chemicals that can make people unconscious and sought arrangements for taking him to India and then to France, a police official said.

“The Home Ministry had formed a three-member inquiry committee last week to investigate reports that Sobhraj was being allowed to use a mobile phone inside the jail.”


This brings me to my point. Why does Sobhraj, a known con man, jewel thief, drug dealer and murderer who has escaped from prison before been given a laptop, Internet access, a cordless phone and -if I can be excused – a cellphone?

Perhaps he was finalizing the script to his movie. To me, a prison with Internet access and wireless communication is home. That reminds me. I need to get out more.


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