Geeks’ take-down of greedy execs

Posted on May 22, 2006 
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Geeks fixing prob view CFO’s emails and discover company about to hawked to highest bidder and all staff to be laid off without compensation.

From Security Investigator blog:

“Dear Chief,

Love the case files that you publish. While I am not much of a writer, I wanted to share the following experience I had at a tech startup.

We were a small tech startup with approximately 50 employees. We were all handpicked for our special skills and we bonded together quite nicely. When it became apparent that external and much larger companies were interested in our technology, we started taking venture capital money to grow and we became a ‘grow and sell’ company. I and every other employee had no ownership in the company, so we were less than elated at this news.

Our CFO was your typical suit a$$hole. He treated everyone around him like they were beneath him, dressed in thousand dollar suits and drove a Porsche (and resembled a certain boss on ‘Office Space’ – no kidding!).

I had no idea though just how much of an a$$hole this guy was until I had to assist our mail server administrator one night at the office.

Our mail server was a really fast linux box running Postfix. For whatever reason, our mail storage partition had completely filled to capacity and Postfix was returning errors to every incoming mail message.

The mail server administrator thought he had been DOS’d, so he wanted me nearby in the event that an investigation was warranted. He had no idea what we were about to find.

We quickly determined that the mail partition was full. A quick ‘du’ command revealed that one particular user was at fault for the missing disk space: the CFO.

He had tried several times to send out a very large joke video file that was becoming trapped by our anti-virus solution….”



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