Destroying the stereotype of a blogger

Posted on June 19, 2006 
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Do bloggers take holidays? Bloggers are people who spend their lives in front of greasy computer screens in dark basement rooms – constantly on the web, soaking up news, churning out postings. Or so the stereotype goes.

Clive Matthews is a blogger. He runs the hugely successful Europhobia blog, a take on Anglo-European politics and one of the few pro-European English blogs around. The blogosphere knows him as Nosemonkey.

I meet Clive in a West London pub for lunch, and he immediately overthrows the stereotype. “Bloggers aren’t what you expect them to be. The image of the guy with glasses who is 40 and still lives with his parents is not true. Most bloggers I met are just not like that at all. They all have full-time jobs and families.”

Clive, 27, fits the bill. He is married and a staff writer for a history and travel magazine, where he works from Monday to Friday. Brainy he seems – and his habit of chain-smoking self-rolled cigarettes strangely adds to that image – but a screen-addicted geek he certainly isn’t.



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