9 ways to improve news sites

Posted on September 11, 2006 
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Todd Zeigler of the Bivings Report has expanded his 9 ways to improve news sites two-fold.

In summary:

1. Start using tags.
2. Provide full text RSS feeds.
3. Work with external “social” websites.
4. Link to relevant blog entries.
5. Get rid of all registration.
6. Partner with local bloggers.
7. Offer alternative views of your content.
8. Modernize your site’s graphic design.
9. Learn from Craigslist.
10. Make your content work on phones/PDAs.
11. Allow readers to comment on every story.
12. Improve search features.
13. Use better html.
14. Focus on local and regional news.
15. Open up your archives.
16. Provide multilingual versions.
17. Offer supplemental content.
18. Open up the letter to the editor process.


Adrian Holovaty chimes in.


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