Crappy videos – who wants them?

Posted on October 10, 2006 
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Tom Green sheds some light on the Rise of Flash Video.

With Google paying out US$1.65 billion for Youtube one wonders whether this signals the end of older formats such as Real, Windows Media and Quicktime.

I think it seems too premature to argue that the format wars are over. In fact, it may have just started. Video is not only about content. Or the speed with which it loads up — although that has always been a consideration, for which Youtube has gained traction.

But as users the frustrations have not chnaged. Who wants a two by two screen of great video that pixelates the minute you go fullscreen? How do we get the high-quality video we want at the crappy speeds our service provider provides? And more importantly, how do I upload all these videos and get paid for it?


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