Curley: No longer in Kansas

Posted on October 23, 2006 
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Finally a story on new media guru Rob Curley in Fast Company.

“He’s clearly an icon in the industry, partly based on what he’s done and partly based on his personality,” says Randy Bennett, vice president of audience and new business development at the Newspaper Association of America. “There’s so much gloom and doom that gets bounced around this industry, people are hungry for his wild-eyed optimism. They look at what he’s done and say, ‘Wow, who knew a newspaper could do this?'”

Curley–“just a nerd from Kansas,” as he puts it–hasn’t won a Pulitzer or worked at a major daily. But since teaching himself to build Web sites 10 years ago, he appears to have figured out what most newspapers haven’t: how to do the Internet right. He calls it “hyperlocal” multimedia journalism, and his news and entertainment sites are sucking in audiences, advertisers, and revenue; they’re racking up national and international awards; and, most important, they’ve begun delivering profits….



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