Abraham Lincoln and SMS

Posted on November 12, 2006 
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A hundred years from now digital archivists will be poring through our digital trails and coming up with pure gems. Like the text message George Bush’s handlers sent to vice president Cheney after the first plane hit the Twin Towers:

“Still redng goat bk 2 kids. Hang on. ;-)”

Yes, I made that up. But the story of Bush’s SMSes would make for interesting reading on the redundancy of his leadership. Just like the Tom Wheeler book Mr Lincoln’s T-mails makes for pleasurable read on how Abraham Lincoln was an early adopter of electronic messaging.

Wheeler’s discovery of the thousands of telegraph messages Lincoln used to commandeer the civil war and give succint orders to his generals on the frontlines, sometimes with Lincolnesque candour, suggests an unheralded trait and perhaps a new
title: King of SMS.

Take his message to General Grant for instance:



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