Global Online AdSpend Breakdown

Posted on December 20, 2006 
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Online adspend is growing faster in countries like Britain, Sweden and Norway compared to the US. eMarketer published a report from ZenithOptimedia that suggests the US is falling behind.

ZenithOptimedia states: “We expect the Internet to take nearly 9% of global adspend by 2009, but experience from the most developed markets suggests it is heading for well over 10%. The Internet already attracts more than 10% of adspend in three markets (Norway, Sweden and the UK), and by 2009 we expect it to do so in ten markets (Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, the UK and USA). The Internet has its highest share in the UK, where it will attract 13.5% of adspend this year and 21.5% in 2009.”

Looking at the breakdown of online advertising, the researchers found that paid search is the largest single type of Internet advertising, and the gap between search and display ads is widening. However, display includes video ads and other innovations that are exploiting the creative opportunities offered by high-speed broadband, and still has growth potential. Meanwhile, classified continues to migrate from print to online.


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