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Posted on March 23, 2007 
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News Sites Score in 2006, Print Down But Still Makes More Money
Philip M. Stone March 20, 2007

US newspaper advertising figures for 2006 tell the tale better than words. Print advertising was down by some US$800,000 which is 1.7% less than the year before, and Online continues fantastic growth with 31.5%, about US$637,000 more than the year before.

(Print advertising at U.S. newspapers in 2006 was US$46.6 billion, compared to US$2.7 billion for online)

But the end of the day the Internet’s gains failed to surpass print’s losses.

Numbers released by the Newspaper Association of America indicate that the financial revenue health at newspapers is getting markedly worse.

“When will the gains online offset the declines in print? In fairness, we do not believe there is an answer to that question yet,” said Merrill Lynch media analyst Lauren Rich Fine.


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