Google buys DoubleClick

Posted on April 15, 2007 
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[via NYTimes]

Google is acquiring online ad company DoubleClick for US$3.1 billion in cash, almost double the $1.65 billion in stock that Google paid for YouTube late last year.

In a single stroke Google has entered the online display ads market and captures US$300 million more ad revenue per annum to push banner ads into major sites such as MySpace, The Wall Street Journal and AOL.

“Google really wants to get into the display advertising business in a big way, and they don’t have the relationships they need to make it happen,” said Dave Morgan, the chairman of Tacoda, an online advertising network. “But DoubleClick does. It gives them immediate access to those relationships.”

Two pieces of the pie includes DoubleClick’s streaming video ad specialist KlipMart and a new Nasdaq-like exchange for online ads, where Web publishers and advertising buyers can participate in auctions for ad space.


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