Clipbandits: The YouTube jam band

Posted on May 24, 2007 
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They never met before and only knew each other by their ‘handles’. Three musicians from afar join forces to jam together and the ClipBandits are formed. They then scout around for a drummer, and now have become a YouTube phenomenon.

Touting themselves as the “first Internet jam band”, although one doubts this to be true, ClipBandits video, “Internet Killed the Video Star” has been downloaded 1.46 million times.

They’ve since been featured on Good Morning America, ABC News, performed live for the first time on the Tyra Banks Show, and have been covered by TV news in Italy, Singapore, Russia, Venezuela, India, Canada and Brazil, as well as countless print and online articles around the world. Nokia-Brazil selected ClipBandits Channel as recommended content for wireless Internet devices.

ClipBandits’ follow-up video is entitled, “Higher”.

More: ClipBandits YouTube Channel, and website.


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