Will video kill the journalism star?

Posted on June 11, 2007 
Filed Under Journalism

Chuck Fadely of Miami Herald puts video in perspective, in the Great Video Gold Rush:

The publishers have sighted gold in them thar video player hills.

All the newspaper people have piled into the wagons and are heading west toward Video, in the hopes of striking it rich. Imagine! Those pre-roll ads get higher rates than banners! Let’s do video!!!! The rush is on!

Someone on the internet said you can do video with a point and shoot! Let’s give our staffers the cheapest video cameras we can buy and send ’em out. We’ll be rich!

Well, folks, circle the wagons around the campfire here and let’s have a little chat.

This video stuff ain’t easy nor cheap. No matter how many well-intentioned bloggers tell you all you need is a $89 camera and the will to do it, the reality is far different.

It takes good audio gear, reasonable video gear, modern computers, and most of all, time, to produce intelligible video for the web.

So many papers have staffers struggling along with antideluvian computers and too many assignments to ever cover in a day…. and now corporate says they have to do video, too! I feel for you, brothers….



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