Inside Howard Owen’s walled mind

Posted on June 27, 2007 
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Howard Owens, in his usual absurb rationalizations, suggests that Craigslist is a “walled garden”.

He says that those who contribute should be “afforded the opportunity to benefit from wider distribution of their content”.

Heck, how much wider “distribution” can you get from the most popular classifieds website on the Internet?

If Craigslist is a walled garden, then it is a terribly porous one.

How could it be possible, for instance, to have a mash-up like HousingMaps if Craigslist’s walls were so high?

To liken Craigslist to the proprietary-laden AOL, and Craig Newmark to profiteer Bill Gates, is to suggest an ignorance so deep that enlightenment can only be reached via the Chikyu.



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