Regina McCombs Top 10 Advice for Future Journos

Posted on July 11, 2007 
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[via Innovation in College Media by way of Mindy]

Regina McCombs of

1. Deadlines: Make sure you’re not publishing once a week (or once a day), but updating as news happens.

2. Blog. Link to student blogs. Allow comments on articles and respond to the comments.

3. Publish Flickr (or other photo) feeds of campus events.

4. Do any multimedia you possibly can: podcasts, audio stories, video, whatever you can.

5. Study local news sites, watch what they’re doing, decide what you like or don’t like.

6. Produce some multimedia to have on your resume, even if it’s a personal project.

7. Find a local mentor at a newspaper or TV station, or network with others learning it.

8. Get more community oriented, include user ratings, tagging and reviews like you see on our site.

9. Learn video

10. Learn to adapt. Commit to life-long learning. Live with certainty of uncertainty.

Work she’s most proud of: A People Torn: Liberians in Minnesota.

Her must-read blogs:

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3. Lost Remote
5. Journerdism

Others to watch out for:, Broadcast & Podcast Gadgets, Common Sense Journalism, Getty Images News blog, Inside Online Video, Journalistopia, Multimedia Evangelist, Multimedia Reporter, News Videographer, NewspaperVideo — Chuck Fadely’s blog related to the list, Online Journalism Review, Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog, What the Duck, the X degree,



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