Employee gets US$152,000 bonus for great idea

Posted on September 18, 2007 
Filed Under Management

How do you reward ideas from employees?

By giving them half the savings generated from the idea.

Consulting firm Interminds did just that. According to this Harvard Business Review article, this company put its money where its mouth is.

An $38,000-a-year executive assistant came up with a process improvement to automate the laborious system of manually tracking 900 field representatives. She built the business case with an individual in the finance department.

The company implemented her plan and saved US$304,000 in the first year. She earned a US$152,000 bonus that year.

The company’s employee entrepreneurship program proved its value in drawing out an workable money-saving idea that will save the company millions over time.

It can happen at your company, too. If only media companies thought more like this.


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