It’s the process, stupid! Six ways to do online news

Posted on November 7, 2007 
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Joe Murphy points out reporters quickly lose faith in blogging, and video when the process isn’t in place to keep it going.

I would add that newsrooms have to wake up to the fact they are in the 21st century. Nothing works without constant validation and encouragement – especially for the millennial generation that thrives on instant gratification and feedback, without which they get easily bored.

Six ways to engage them:

Get online breaking news stories
Write blogs
Shoot video
Record audio
Build photo galleries
Make interactive graphics

I would add:

1.Set up a clear process by which they can submit these and make sure it appears online fast.
2.Set up small project teams to build mini-sites of their own.
3.Get a blogging study circle going — where reporters who blog meet up and encourage each other — and set up meet-the-blogger sessions with readers.

Murphy suggests the Denver Post’s finger puppets as a great idea in the vein of encouraging a new kind of interaction with readers.



One Response to “It’s the process, stupid! Six ways to do online news”

  1. Joe on November 21st, 2007 1:56 pm


    Thanks for the link. You missed my point a little bit: I wasn’t saying those six ways to get the newsroom involved online were ideal, good, or anywhere near adequate. I was just saying that’s what we do at the place I work. I’m sure there are better ways. I know there are better ways. Part of it is reward, sure, but even more lies in newspapers figuring out just how the heck you publish local information online.

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