Ten Tsunami Stories

Posted on December 30, 2004 
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Wake up world. We are in need of aid, desperate aid, help us.

Ten Tsunami Stories

1. “There will be time for crying, but that will come later…”

2. “Millions of people on Indian Ocean shores are scrambling for food and clean water…”

3. “Bus driver loses five in family, buries dead…”

4. “I had his hands in mine. But the second wave flung me some distance away. I didn’t see him thereafter. The sea took my son away…”

5. “All are gone, why should I live…”

6. “They were having a wonderful holiday. David had proposed to Sharon earlier that day…”

7. “The only signs of life were a few desperate people scavenging a beach for food…”

8. “Bodies still entombed on death train…”

9. “What will I do now? Whom should I live for?”

10. “All he could do was watch the terrified face of his son as the boy disappeared…”

Disaster relief.

Act now!


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