Three multimedia stories well told

Posted on December 8, 2007 
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Three treatments via audio slideshow (Free and Uneasy), video+photos+great text (The boy in the moon), and a great story accompanied by some video (Pearls before breakfast).

Free and Uneasy by the New York Times describes the uneasy year in the life of Jeffrey Deskovic after he was exonerated for a crime that put him behind bars for 16 years.

The Globe and Mail’s Ian Brown shares the pain and joy of bringing up a severely handicapped child:

“I hurry after him. For all this nightly nightmare — eight years of desperate worry and illness and chronic sleep deprivation, the havoc he has caused in our lives, threatening our marriage and our finances and our sanity — I long for the moment when he lets his crazy formless body fall asleep against me. For a short while, I feel like a regular little boy’s father. Sometimes I think this is his gift to me — but parcelled out, to show me how rare and valuable the gift is. Walker, my teacher, my sweet, sweet, lost and broken boy.”

In the Washington Post Magazine’s Pearls before breakfast, a world-renowned violinist busks as a social experiment playing complex classical pieces on his Stradivarius. Will anyone notice?


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