It’s 20:08, Do You Know What Your Kid Is Doing Online?

Posted on January 20, 2008 
Filed Under Gen Y, Internet

My 11-year-old son asked me how to download videos and music from the Internet and within a few minutes I turned him into a pirate downloader using Ares and VideoDownloadX. I did a P.O.S just to see what his favourite searches were. They turned out to be: Soulja Boy and Breakdance.

My nine-year-old daughter has also latched on to Flash games and social virtual sites Habbo and Zwinky, neither of which she’s old enough to sign up for.

As long as they don’t start ordering pink convertibles, I guess we’re safe.

An NPD Group survey of mothers of two- to 14-year-olds suggests the most popular digital activities are playing games, followed by listening to music and watching video (Note: reading not essential).

They are also spending on average, US$6 to US$12 per month for digital content, a statistic obviously not lost on marketeers.


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