Angry journalist or happy journalist?

Posted on March 3, 2008 
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Are you an angry journalist or happy journalist?

Choice samples:
Angry Journalist #1271:
I’m angry that journalists think their job is to change the world by reporting what they believe their readers should think, rather than reporting what actually is. I’m angry that a profession I once aspired to join has sold itself out to the greed of owners on the one hand, and the self-righteousness of ignorant journalists on the other.

Angry Journalist #1265:
I’m angry at every single department except graphics. That’s right, every single one – except the one person who works in graphics- managed to piss me off over the course of two days. Advertising not telling news exactly what they had sold and what had to be on the page until I had done the page – then sending me an e-mail wanting changes on a day I’m not even in. Production for suddenly changing the rules and then making me stay extra time while they sort them out. The IT guys who, if they had to work with the pieces of sh*t computers and equipment we had, would crap themselves. The newsroom for not LISTENING when new technology is explained and then being shocked when things don’t work right. The Internet department for stepping on newsroom’s toes, taking our content without asking and then assuming they are somehow automatically above us in the pecking order. And myself for letting all this get to me, making a good week end badly.

Angry Journalist #1261:
Great site!
“I am not the editor of a newspaper and I and shall always try to do right and be good so that God will not make me one.”
Mark Twain

Angry Journalist #1250:
I used to be an angry journalist.
Then I got sacked.
Then I started working for myself.
I’m not angry anymore.

Angry Journalist #1203:
I’m angry that my newspaper laid me and a bunch of other people off recently, but only after spending almost half a million dollars on a new office and furniture to boot. I’ve been replaced by a new desk. Awesome.

Angry Journalist #1178:
I’m angry that my job apparently involves improving morale for our advertisers. Nevermind that morale in our newsroom has been at rock bottom for a year.



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