Motorola insider reveals the mess

Posted on April 1, 2008 
Filed Under Crisis communications

How does an industry icon stumble so badly?

Numair Faraz, personal adviser to Motorola CMO Geoffrey Frost, gives an insider view in a letter to on Frost’s untimely death, his wife’s suicide, former CEO Ed Zander’s extravagances, including a fleet of private jets and US$30m golden parachute, and the ineptitude of current CEO Greg Brown who insists all his emails be printed by his secretary and replied to by dictation.

Numair to Brown:

…instead of merely being inept, you’re actually actively killing the company. Your lack of understanding of the consumer side of Motorola doesn’t give you a valid reason for selling the handset business; moreover, publicly disclosing your explorations of such a move, in an attempt to keep Carl Icahn off your back, shows how much you value the safety of your incompetence.

You clearly have no interest in fighting the good fight and attempting to mold Motorola into the market leader it can and should be.



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