BBC: Multi-platform newsroom

Posted on April 25, 2008 
Filed Under Journalism

Press Gazette reports on the structure of the converged newsroom:

“In the short term, he said, most journalists working in the BBC newsroom will continue to work primarily in the media that they have traditionally worked. Over time, producers will increasingly work across television, radio and online as staff are put through a training programme.

“A centralised Media Wire desk now monitors audio and video feeds and passes stories on to the most appropriate outlets, and assignments will be controlled from a centralised planning desk.

“Each desk will have a web conversion producer often drawn from the previous online operation, who will be responsible for extending stories originally produced for broadcast platforms online.

“In addition, one senior editor will serve as the overall multimedia editor for the day, responsible for coordinating the needs of different media, allocating resources, taking legal advice and resolving any conflicts.”



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