Coming SMS scams

Posted on January 27, 2005 
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Thousands of mobile phone users have been charged up to £1.50 a time for text messages they say they never asked for.

The BBC highlights the coming SMS scams — here’s how it could so easily happen here:

1.If you receive a text inviting you to subscribe to a service and you text back “no thanks” or something less polite, the computer at the other end can’t read, so it may take your reply as an agreement to subscribe.

2.If you fill in a coupon for a competition in a magazine or newspaper that entails giving your mobile phone number, you may find that the tiny print at the bottom also subscribes you to a linked text messaging service.

3.If you visit a website offering a free ringtone which you accept, the terms and conditions of service may state that you must also take regular paid ringtones as well.


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