Journalism in six words

Posted on April 30, 2008 
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From Meranda Writes:

Doing more with less since 1690.
We’ll always have Paris … or Britney.
It’s how I change the world.
Get it right, write it tight.
They’ll miss us when we’re gone.
Feed the watchdog, euthanize the lapdog.
Who, what, when, where, why, Web.
Facts, schmacts … how is my hair?
Dirty commie latte-sipping liberal scum.
Please stop griping, now start typing.
We’re sorry about all the trees.
No news is not good news.
How many inches is the truth?
Seek the truth, not the money.
We don’t make this shit up.
Dead wood floats. So can we.
A journalist’s work is never done.
History’s first version, updated every minute.
It beats working for a living.
Speak truth to power, or else.
But this IS my day job!
Mainstream media: We’re your grandfather’s blog.
Filling the space between the ads.


Been there. Done that. Rinse. Repeat.
Every day something new to learn.
Speak up or hold your peace.
Who’s watching your government?
Nothing is worth more than today.
Tomorrow this will be forgotten.
I couldn’t make this stuff up.
As read about on Romenesko.
Blogs: Repurposing real journalism since 1997.



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