Will Smith is all ears for Barack Obama

Posted on June 26, 2008 
Filed Under Obama

A little digression today. Will Smith tells the BBC, it’s all in the ears: "He has the ears, we both share the ears. People dig the ears."

Smith adds: "I travel around the world a lot, and I was kind of used to people being happy when the Americans showed up. That sort of changed over the last eight years. So I’m excited about the new possibilities of hope and change that Barack is bringing."

Side-by-side, the Spockish resemblance is uncanny. As pointed out by Faded Youth Blog, Obama said the same in February when asked by Entertainment Tonight who he would choose to play him: “Will Smith and I have talked about this, because he has the ears. He’s better looking than me, but we both have those.”

Face readers suggest that Ears That Stick Out "shows you are a non-conformist, an independent thinker, a scholar and a quick thinker but you are also stubborn." whereas Pointy Ears reveal "you are not as kind-hearted and reliable as you like to make out but on the positive side, you are original and inventive."

Hmmm. Spock quote for reflection: “[Spoken softly] Those who cannot hear an angry shout may strain to hear a whisper.”


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