Negroponte and another "cheap PC for the masses" idea

Posted on January 31, 2005 
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MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte who I interviewed before has jumped on the cheap PC bandwagon. According to this Red Herring article it will cost US$100, have a 14-inch colour screen, AMD chips, and run Linux.

Negroponte’s cheap-PC is separate from AMD’s ‘change the world’ shot at same market.

A prototype is said to be “nearly ready” with real production in around 18 months from now.

“The portable PCs will be shipped directly to education ministries, with China first on the list and only orders of 1 million or more units will be accepted.”

So let’s see that’s 1 mil X $100 = US$100 million per order. Hmmm, why am I skeptical?


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