Obama is open for questions

Posted on March 25, 2009 
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President Barack Obama continues to want to engage “folks” online, this time with a new service called Open For Questions:

Despite continued criticism of the bailouts, it takes a brave guy to still want to “experiment” and reach out to so many angry people.

As of this writing, 7,451 people submitted 7,706 questions and cast 261,052 votes.

Some random ones:

“Mr. President, my husband and I are on the verge of losing our home to foreclosure due to no work for over a year. Why is there absolutely NO help for those of us who have little to no income but are good people who want to stay in our homes??”
Yvette, Vermont

“You say ‘I am as angry as anybody’ about AIG bonuses & ‘we are all in this together’. Why is money being loaned to huge corporations rather than to small biz citizens? I don’t understand how we are all in this together. I’m sacrificing, they’re not.”
Darla B, Los Angeles CA

“I bought my first new home a year ago. I did not over-reach and bought a sensible home within my means. I was recently laid off and my home is now worth less than I paid if I were to try to sell. What options are available to folks like me?”
David L., Maineville, OH

“Why don’t you let the economy crash and then we can start rebuilding it, why are you putting these billions of dollars into the economy and just prolonging the inevitable?”
kevinmaks, chatsworth, CA


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