How the Zappos CEO made my day

Posted on May 5, 2009 
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I was planning to share a case study on online retailer Zappos with the participants in the Corporate Social Media workshop we’re conducting tomorrow.

In my research, found an interview of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and Loic Le Meur in a bathroom, in which he says he would be happy to send a free copy of the Zappos Culture Book to anyone upon request.

Wrote to Tony late Wednesday night and received this reply from one Dylan Morris:

“Hello Julian,

“Thank you for contacting Tony with your feedback! He reads every email he receives and asked me to respond on his behalf so you could receive a timely response. Tony receives over 2,000 emails each day, and has handpicked a small team to help him address some of them. He would have responded directly, but he doesn’t have the hands necessary to type up 2,000 responses at the same time. We are currently working on replacing Tony’s body with one from an octopus, so look for more Tony responses in the near future!

“We would be happy to send you a Culture Book! We’ve loaded one up in our Zappos mailing cannon and blasted one off to you.”

Dylan provided other helpful info and even invited me to Las Vegas for a tour of their HQ. Very cool.

Today’s Monday and the UPS guy showed up at my door with a package. Yes, it is the Zappos Culture Book 2008 – flown over 14,000kms in about 96 hours from the time I first sent the email. (It would usually take a two weeks to a month for such a delivery from USA to Malaysia.)

Thanks Tony and Dylan. You made my day. Now, I know why you make US$1b in annual sales.

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