Diamonds Really Are Forever…

Posted on February 6, 2005 
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The phrase wrapped around your finger has new meaning and with a macabre sting to it too

Diamonds & death are forever with LifeGem

The creation of LifeGem diamonds begins with the collection of the cremated remains. As much as 250gm is needed for the process.

To ensure legitimacy, the remains are immediately placed into a crucible, sealed and etched with a unique 16-digit identifier. The carbon is then heated to extremely high temperatures in the crucible. This allows the carbon from the deceased to be converted into graphite.

This graphite is then placed in a unique diamond press to replicate natural forces of heat and pressure. The longer the press time, the larger the rough diamond crystal that results. The diamond is then cut according to client specification and a laser etching of the same 16-digit identifier is put on the girdle for authentication purposes.

The entire process takes 18 weeks and the resulting colour of the diamond will depend on the elements and impurities in the remains.



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