Top 8 excuses for using cellphone while driving

Posted on February 18, 2005 
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Malaysian police issued summons to 47,247 people in 2004 for using their cellphones, sans a hands-free kit, while driving, according to The Star. Here are the most common excuses:

1. “My boss called. I do not want to lose my job.”

2. “I was telling the caller to call back.”

3. “My family member is very sick.”

4. “I forgot my hands-free kit.”

5. “I was about to put on my hands-free kit.”

6. “I was only holding the mobile phone.”

7. “I was using my battery-operated shaver.”

8. “I was digging my ear with the antenna.”

Yes, the last one creeped me out as well. Ughh. In New York, this driver found a more valid reason.


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