20 ways to measure social media ROI

Posted on August 4, 2009 
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Justifying your ROI for social media can be done quantitatively or qualitatively.

1. Blogs: Number of posts, visitors, comments, repeat posts of your posts.
2. Twitter: Number of followers, tweets, re-tweets, clicks to short links (use bit.ly)
3. YouTube: Number of views, number of embeds
4. Facebook: Number of fans, number of repost of status messages, number of views of videos, photos
5. Campaigns: Sales revs, new leads, new subscribers, traffic on landing page, conversions, number of people who filled up follow-up form, used coupon, took up offer, bought stuff, number who visited or viewed campaign, or downloaded app or widget.

6. Blog/Twitter/Facebook Comments: Positive/negative/neutral
7. Google: Do a search comparison on keywords with your competitor
8. Interaction and conversations: What are people blogging/tweeting about the campaign, product, service or company – for or against, did you learn something, solve a customer complaint, avert a crisis, find new ways to save costs or discover useful feedback for management?

Free tools to track and monitor:
09.Google Analytics
10. Google Alerts
11. Tweetbeep
12. Social Mention
13. Xinu
14. Feedburner
15. Social Too
16. BoardTracker
17. BackType
18. KeoTag
19. Compete
20. Trackur


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