Last night my website saved my life…

Posted on October 23, 2004 
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Can a website save your life?

Apparently in the case of Australian journalist John Martinkus it can.

Excerpt from AP report in the BBC:

His executive producer at Australia’s SBS network, Mike Carey, said Google probably saved freelance journalist Martinkus.

“They Googled him and then went onto a web site – either his own or his book publisher’s web site, I don’t know which one – and saw that he was who he was, and that was instrumental in letting him go, I think, or swinging their decision,” he told AP news agency

Even terrorists use Google for background checks. Try typing your name and do some ego-surfing. See what pops up.

If you’re a journalist — like me — the results can be the basis of a website.

Then go here to read what Sreenath Sreenivasan suggests. And see what others have done.


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