10 things I learnt from Mary Meeker’s slides

Posted on October 23, 2009 
Filed Under Advertising, Mobile, Social Media

  1. Apple iPhone + iPod Touch + Apps is the new ecosystem. Apple Mobile share of market will surprise on the upside in near-term.
  2. Mobile Internet will outpace desktop Internet and grow faster than most people expect.
  3. Facebook, and other social networks, on mobile will explode.
  4. Celcos will face serious bandwidth/traffic issues as mobile Internet use explodes.
  5. Celco portals and walled gardens (Maxis, Digi take note) may die in favour of apps from App Store, Android Market and direct browsing.
  6. Mobile and online ad spending will grow in 2010.
  7. Mobile users will pay for premium services.
  8. Location-based services will be the ‘secret sauce’, as real-time, cloud-based mobile services grow rapidly.
  9. Mobile Internet revs will mirror that of Japan’s mix today with mobile ecommerce*, paid services* and advertising growing faster than mobile data.
  10. There is moolah in mobile – it’s an ATM in your pocket, and it’s a very, very deep pocket.

Link: Mary Meeker’s presentation
*Mobile ecommerce = retail sales of physical and digital goods ie. music, games, ringtones, wallpapers, avatars. Mobile paid services = real-time banking, brokerage, hotel + travel booking


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