How Mark Felt Became Deep Throat

Posted on June 4, 2005 
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I had always been fascinated with the Watergate break-in that led to Nixon’s downfall. As a rookie reporter I was told to read the book “All The President’s Men” cover to cover and got a copy and did just that. It still sits on my shelf.

A re-run of the movie on TV reinforced the images in my head of what went down. Robert Redford’s Woodward meeting Deep Throat in a darkened underground carpark, and Dustin Hoffman’s Bernstein returning from a crucial interview with notes scribbled on rolled-up pieces of paper were especially memorable.

When Mark Felt finally admitted being Deep Throat it was great to re-visit the material again.

Here’s Bob Woodward’s account, post-confession.

Hal Holbrook seemed to have played the man just right. One wonders what guidance he had from Woodstein in that regard.


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