Underground T-shirts, graphic site taunt terrorists

Posted on July 10, 2005 
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Graphic designer Dario Agosta created a series of T-shirts based on the London Underground sign. Proceeds will go to Red Cross relief fund.

You can buy them here and here.

He writes: “To me, London tube is a major symbol of London, and its identity is a major symbol of what good graphic design should be.

“My sympathies go to those who were affected. On the morning of July, 7 I was emailing a press representative for a page-ad on a magazine, and turned out her office is a few blocks from the Regent St. Tube Station, and as I was writing, the bombings were taking place. As soon as I read the news, I was chilled.

“Why am I writing this ? because none of us can really feel he or she is far and safe and sound from what happened in London yesterday, or from what happened in Madrid last year, or from what happened in New York in 2001, or from what happened and still is happening in occupied countries. None. Of. Us.

“But, what can I really do (apart from quitting writing such drivel ?). Good point, gosh. I am a designer, I design bloody things.

“So, there you are.”

A site called “WE’RENOTAFRAID.COM” has reactionary graphical postings (right) from blogosphere.


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