Case studies

Case Study 1 : Online Advertising


Client 1 is a public-listed media company. It required training for advertising executives, sales representatives and support staff to transition from print to online sales. Majority of participants had little understanding how online advertising and social media tools would disrupt the business model of entrenched print media players.


Trinetizen Media designed, developed and presented a customized two-day workshop for 90 participants in groups of 10-14 participants at time. The training covered online, contextual and display advertising, blogging, podcasting, online video, instant messaging, Google search, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, social media tools and multimedia presentation.


Client saw immediate sales rise in online advertising. Staff were better equipped to receive online orders and to explain online advertising formats to media buyers and prospects. MORE.


“An eye-opener to the endless potential to tap in this field. Recommended for all who want to stay ‘in trend’ and who needs to sell new media.”

“Very good workshop. I certainly learnt a lot, especially blogging and podcasting. It was very interesting to me.”

“Funny and engaging. The lecturer is friendly and patient enough to withstand the group’s lack of enthusiasm and knowledge.”

“Very good for those who heard about the Internet but need to understand what it’s all about.”

“Provided us very good exposure on sales opportunities on the Internet.”

Case Study 2 : Multimedia marketing


Client 2 is a leading movie exhibitor and distributor. It required training for management, marketing executives, and IT support staff
on using New Media and Social Media tools in its online and offline marketing campaigns.


Trinetizen Media designed, developed and presented a customized two-day workshop for 24 participants held over two separate Saturdays.
Training material provided an overview of the online and mobile media space, opportunities and threats as well as hands-on experience with tools such as Google Search, Content Management System Software and insights into Online Marketing Campaigns and User-Generated Content related to the movie distribution and exhibition industries. Participants also had the opportunity to review successful online and integrated ad campaign case studies.


Participants incorporated multimedia tools in future marketing campaigns and were more effective and confident in using new media tools. MORE.


“Presentation is lively and statistics provided are interesting. I will definitely want to come back for other workshops.”

“A lot of fun learning and attending the workshop. Gained a lot of useful knowledge too.”

“The Internet marketing strategy helped in knowing how to apply this skill in making my company’s promotions/campaigns more effective. It has also helped me in applying my new knowledge in improving my company’s website to increase brand awareness and revenue in the long term.”

“Great insights on the great potential of multimedia usage in today’s marketing approach.”

“Very knowledgeable. Impressed that Internet can do so much.”

“The course was interesting and had the participants involved and enthusiastic in the exercise participation. An enjoyable session.”

Case Study 3 : Media and Crisis Communications


Client 3 is a public-listed investment bank. It required training for senior management and management-level executives on media relations and crisis communications.


Trinetizen Media developed and presented an half-day workshop which included video exercises, ambush interviews, simulated crisis scenario and key message and holding statement writing. Participants were provided an understanding of different media, particularly the impact of new media in crisis communications and learnt to articulate key messages at press conferences, and to manage interviews during a crisis.


Participants learnt about weaknesses in their presentation skills that they could eliminate with practice from video reviews. They felt more confident in fielding tough questions from reporters in the event of crisis. MORE.


“The exercises give participants a good exposure to potential real life situation/crisis.”

“Mock sessions quite an experience.”

“Useful, even for those who speak frequently to the media.”

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