Trinetizen Media
Workshops are customized and can be scheduled for half-day, full-day, two days or up to three consecutive days for groups of six to 25 participants.

Available training programmes:

1. Effective Media Spokesperson
2. Effective Media Relations
3. Effective Investor Relations
4. Multimedia and Online Marketing
5. Multimedia and Online Advertising
6. Multimedia Journalism
7. Crisis Communications
8. Corporate Social Media

Learning Outcomes:
a. Understand online media, multimedia, New Media and Web 2.0 concepts.
b. Use new media tools to enhance management, media relations and marketing communications.
c. Identify relevant online, social and mobile networks to reach target market and stakeholders.
d. Customize and apply successful online and multimedia case studies and models in the local context.

Methodology Of Training:
Individual hands-on exercises
Group discussions
Case studies analysis
Video presentations
Demonstrations and Lectures

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